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Veronicastrum virginicum - Culver’s Root

Veronicastrum virginicum


Common Name: Culver's Root


There is no mistaking the tall candelabra look of Culver’s Root. Reaching heights up to 5 feet, the spires of flowers open from the bottom up. So densely packed onto each stalk, the white flowers can appear purple. Enjoy it in sun or part sun, mixed with other natives like coneflower and bluestem, or mass together for a gorgeous effect.


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  • Attracts:     Pollinators, Bees, Butterflies
, Birds
    Resists:      Deer, Rabbit

    Zone:         3 - 8

    Height:      4’ - 7’

    Width:       2' - 4'
    Light:         Full Sun

    Blooms:     Summer, Fall

    Flowers:     Cut, Showy

    Water:       Average to high needs, dislikes drying out

    Soil:           Moist, but well-drained, tolerates wet soils

    Native:       Native species

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