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Solidago Fireworks - Goldenrod

Solidago r. 'Fireworks'


Common name: Rough Goldenrod

Fireworks explodes into golden color each  year treating pollinators of all kinds, and dazzling your garden with the arching trails of golden flowers. It blooms for weeks from late summer into fall. Clump forming and not invasive, mix it into borders, cottage gardens and pollinator beds.


This plant comes nestled in a 4" square Deep CowPot with a free metal plant ID marker. Learn more about why we think CowPots are so awesome here.


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  • Attracts:     Pollinators, Bees, Butterflies, Birds

    Resists:      Deer
    Zone:         4 - 8

    Height:      24" - 36"

    Width:       24" - 36"

    Light:         Full Sun

    Blooms:     Late Summer, Fall

    Flowers:    Cut, Dried, Showy

    Water:       Average needs

    Soil:           Well drained, tolerates clay, slightly acidic
    Native:       Native cultivar

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