Sempervivum / Succulent Mix

Sempervivum / Succulent Mix


Common Name: Hen and Chicks, Stonecrop


Perfect for a sunny border, a rock garden or in a pot on the patio! Our succulent mix features a full-grown Sempervivum "hen" snuggled among a variety of creeping sedum varieties. We assemble each one with an eye for interesting color and texture. Fun as a gift too!


The succulent mix come nestled in a 4" square CowPot. Learn more about why we think CowPots are so awesome here.

  • Features & Care

    Resists:      Deer, Rabbit
Zone:         3 - 8
    Height:      1" - 4"

    Width:       6" - 12"

    Light:         Full Sun

    Water:       Low needs

    Soil:           Well drained
, drought and salt tolerant
    Patio:         Can be grown in a container

    Native:       Not native to North America   

  • How to Plant

    CowPots are made from composted cow manure. As the pot decomposes, it feeds the roots of the plant helping it get off to a great start. We like to say the perennials think they're delicious and nutritious! :-)

    You will plant the pot along with the plant. No need to put holes in the pot or remove the bottom. It decomposes faster than all other non-plastic pot options and the roots easily push through.

    Place the plant in the hole so that the top of the soil in the pot matches the soil line in the garden. Ensure that soil is pressed against the pot on all sides and the bottom. Keep the area inside and outside the pot moist (but not soggy) for 3 to 4 weeks until the plant is established.

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