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Primula Amethyst Ice - Primrose

Primula 'Amethyst Ice'


Common name: Primrose


The purple and white of 'Amethyst Ice' is amazingly pretty! Extra bonus: it's an extra-long bloomer. In a pot or in a wet location along a water feature, they get covered with colorful double flowers each spring. 


This plant comes nestled in a 4" square CowPot with a free metal plant ID marker. Learn more about why we think CowPots are so awesome here.


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  • Attracts:     Pollinators, Bees

Zone:         4 - 8

    Height:      5" - 8"

    Width:       10" - 12"

    Light:         Full / Part Sun

    Blooms:     Spring 

    Flowers:     Cut, Fragrant

    Water:       Consistent water needs, resents drying out

    Soil:           Moist, Tolerates wet soils

    Patio:         Can be grown in a container

    Native:       Not native to North America   

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