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Clematis Rubens

Clematis m. 'Rubens'


This wonderfully scented climber exudes charm with an abundance of 2" light pink flowers. Blooms aren't as large as some clematis, but they are plentiful – nearly covering the entire vine. Rubens is resistant to wilt and pests. Pruning group 1.


This plant come nestled in a 4" square Deep CowPot with a free metal plant ID marker. Learn more about why we think CowPots are so awesome here.


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  • Attracts:    Pollinators, Bees, Butterflies
    Resists:     Deer, Rabbits
    Zone:         5 - 10
    Height:      20’ - 40'
    Width:       6’ - 15’
    Prune:       Group 1: Regular pruning not required
    Light:         Full / Part Sun
    Blooms:     Late Spring / Early Summer on 2nd year growth
    Flowers:     Fragrant
    Water:       Average needs
    Soil:            Moist, well-drained
    Native:      Not native to North America

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