Sempervivum 6 Chick Pack

Sempervivum 6 Chick Pack


Common Name: Hen and Chicks


These little chicks are hard to resist! You get 6 different varieties of hardy Sempervivum chicks, ready to take off in your garden. The best part of them (besides the variety of colors and shapes) is that they thrive on neglect! Give them a sunny, well-drained location and let them go!


The chicks come nestled together in a 6-pack egg carton.


  • Features & Care

    Resists:      Deer, Rabbit
Zone:         3 - 8
    Height:      1" - 4"

    Width:       2" - 5"

    Light:         Full Sun

    Water:       Low needs

    Soil:           Well drained
, drought and salt tolerant
    Patio:         Can be grown in a container

    Native:       Not native to North America   

  • How to Plant

    Remove the chick from the egg carton shell. Plant in loose, well-drained soil so that the crown of the shick is slightly above the soil line. Do not press down into a dip since water can collect there and cause the chick to rot.

    Well-draining soil is key to Sempervivum. Water regularly until the plant is established – being sure to allow the soil to drain completely between waterings. We've found that daily watering is OK as long as the soil drains. Soggy soil will kill the plant.

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