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Asclepias verticillata - Whorled Milkweed

Asclepias verticillata


A Must-Have for Monarchs

Common name: Whorled Milkweed


Narrow leaves in a milkweed? Yep! Whorled milkweed has a light, airy look and delicate white flowers. Look for colorful monarch caterpillars grabbing a snack.


This plant comes nestled in a 4" square Deep CowPot with a free metal plant ID marker. Learn more about why we think CowPots are so awesome here.


Note: Asclepias varieties are very late to emerge each spring. So late, many gardeners worry it has died. But have patience. :-) We like to put the metal ID marker very close to the plant so that we know just where to keep an eye out for the first shoots in May.


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  • Attracts:    Pollinators, Butterflies, Bees, Hummingbirds, Birds
    Resists:      Deer
    Zones:        4 - 9
    Height:       12" - 36"
    Width:        12" - 24"
    Light:          Full/Part Sun
    Blooms:     Summer
    Flowers:     Aromatic, Dried seed pods
    Water:        Average to low needs
    Soil:            Tolerates poor soils
    Native:       Native species

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