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The Great Attractors

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Combine vibrant red and pink shades with the right shape of flower and you have a great hummingbird attractor. Hummers zoom in to sip, then browse other delectables in the garden. Plant a variety for a season full of healthy nectar.

Agastache doesn't earn the nickname 'hummingbird mint' for nothing.

Wine-colored blooms from summer until frost. Darker foliage creates a dazzling effect. The light spice aroma keeps deer and bunnies at bay too.

Providing early spring nectar is one way entice hummingbirds to your garden.

Pulmonaria (Lungwort) is an early bloomer for the first returning hummers. Multitudes of dainty cups light up partial shade.

Perfect for a patio container or a garden bed. Wands of intense pink come en masse to treat the hummers.

'Aspire' is a well-branched Veronica which means it has a fuller appearance and more flowers as well.

If there is one plant to include in your gardens plans for hummingbirds, this is it.

Hummingbirds flock to this flower and often 'guard' it from other hummers stopping by. So they can keep its deliciousness all to themselves.

Native Cardinal Flower likes moist soil and part shade. Full sun is OK if it doesn't dry out.

Penstemon's tubular flowers have the shape that hummingbirds can't resist.

They're easy to grow and like full or part sun. Try Prairie Dusk for a month of sunset pink flowers.

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