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Get Plants Off to a Good Start

Handling, air exposure and temperature differences can all freak a new plant out as it goes from pot to ground. Get your new acquisition off to a healthy start with these four tips.

1. Water Plot and Pot

Give the new garden site a good soaking 24 hours before planting so soil is moist but not soggy. If it’s compacted, loosen the soil also.

At the same time, give the plant and pot a good soaking and drain. Watering helps equalize soil conditions. And a hydrated plant is less likely to have immediate demands from fine roots.

2. Choose Cooler Temps

You already know that spring and fall are the best times of year to plant, but consider what time of day as well. I prefer the late afternoon and early evening so plants have a number of cooler hours to rest and adjust.

3. Shield from Hot Sun

Even plants grown in full sun will benefit from temporary shade after planting. We use cardboard tents with metal staples to keep them in place. The “tent” is open on two sides for adequate air flow.

If you’re planting in a container, fill it with potting mix and then move it to the shade 24 hours before planting and keep it in light shade for a day or two after planting.

4. Skip the Plastic Pot

Black plastic pots can really heat up and stress roots. Plantable pots, like CowPots, stay cooler and since the whole pot is planted, the roots are not disturbed at all. The composted manure then quickly breaks down to fertilize roots. Oh yeah, we think the cows who ‘make’ the pots are adorable too.

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