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Vibrant colors are key to attracting hummingbirds.


Screaming reds. Eye-popping oranges. Rich purples. And luminous pinks. Hummingbirds love them all!

Tubular shapes are made to order.


If it's got a tubular shaped flower, chances are a hummingbird will dip its beak in for some nummy nectar.

Native nectar sources have special appeal.


Penstemon and Cardinal Flower. Royal Catchfly and Indian Pinks. Hummingbirds instinctively know these nectar sources.


No Neonics. Zip. Zilch. Nada. 

And why it matters.


Neonicotinoids (neonics) have been implicated in the decline of bees and birds. Their impact may be worse than that of DDT - YIKES! That's why we use absolutely no neonics at Wit's End Gardens. That way hungry bees and birds can be happy and healthy.

Humminbird gallery


Bee Balm: Walters Gardens

Hosta: Christian Collins via Flickr, CC

Spigelia: Walters Gardens