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6 Plants to Bring More Monarchs


Attracting Monarchs and other butterflies to your garden plot is more successful when you plant hosts plants for caterpillars and nectar plants for adult butterflies. In the Monarch Kit, you'll get two host plants (from the Asclepias family) and four nectar plants (Echinacea, Gaillardia, Salvia and Sedum). Plus, we include a garden plan to get you started. 

Zones:      4 - 8

Light:       Full to Part Sun


Asclepias speciosa - Showy Milkweed.jpeg
Asclepias tuberosa - Butterfly Weed.jpeg
Echinacea p. White Swan - Coneflower.jpe
Salvia n. May Night.jpeg
Gaillardia Goblin - Blanket Flower.jpeg
Sedum Matrona - Stonecrop.jpeg

Actual variety may vary from what is pictured. For example: You may receive a red Echinacea instead of a white one, etc.


Header: Marshal Hedin from San Diego / CC BY 2.0

Asclepias: peganum from Small Dole, England / CC BY-SA

Asclepias Walters Gardens

Echinacea: David J. Stang / CC BY-SA 4.0

Salvia: David J. Stang / CC BY-SA 4.0

Gaillardia: © Wit's End Gardens, all rights reserved

Sedum: © Wit's End Gardens, all rights reserved