In our gardens, the scent of lavender mixes well with the hum of bees. And it’s so much nicer to do a little weeding when you’re accompanied by the cheerful chatter of chickadees. Our love and respect for nature drives us to use only sustainable, nature-friendly practices. Our packages are recyclable, our pots compostable and our beds chemical-free.

CowPots! Renewable. Sustainable. Plants love them.


If you've ever been around cows, you know that the manure used to make CowPots is renewed daily. For sustainability, other pot options just don't cut it. Peat is mined from bog eco-systems, coir is shipped half-way around the world and plastic is made from fossil fuels. Yuck!

At the CowPots farm, the cow's day job is dairy production. Grass-fed, GMO-free, methane capture: the entire practice earns high marks for ecological stewardship.


Plants adore CowPots which help them get off to a great start. Their roots wriggle out and get a nutrient boost from the composted manure.

The Best Way to Bee
is Neonicotinoid-free.


We are happy to declare that at Wit's End Gardens, we use absolutely no neonicotinoids. In addition, we source our plant starts from growers who do not use neonics at all.


Neonics are a systemic insecticide that can remain in a plant for years after application, exposing bees and birds to harmful effects. 

Much of the industry is finally catching on, although the big box retailers state they are 'hoping to discontinue use by 2019'. Meaning it will be years longer before plants purchased there would be safe for bees. :-(

Wildlife is welcome here.

We're a Certified Wildlife Habitat®.


The National Wildlife Federation defines a certified habitat as one providing food, water, cover and a place for wildlife to raise their young.


At Wit's End, we are very happy to meet those requirements throughout our grounds and practices. You can read more about how to garden for wildlife here.

Native selections, both plants and trees, are critical for wildlife success as well. Find the top natives for your area here.


Proud to Sponsor Blank Park Zoo's Plant. Grow. Fly.


Our local zoo is a conservation hub and pollinators are one of its focus areas. The Plant. Grow. Fly. program encourages everyday people to aid in conservation efforts with their own garden. 

You can read more about the program here, and register your garden too!


Helping Monarchs
One Garden at a Time


Monarch Watch works to increase habitat for migrating Monarchs throughout their flight area from Mexico to the northern portions of the US. Through their outreach emphasizing the importance of host and nectar plants, there are now more than 22,000 Monarch Waystations! 

Home gardeners are making a positive difference in Monarch populations. Learn more how you can help here.


More Bees Please

The Pollinator Partnership's mission is to promote the health of pollinators, critical to food and ecosystems, through conservation, education, and research. We can get behind that, in fact we do! Our farming practices are certified bee-friendly.

You can join the effort via the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. Bee counted here.