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CowPots! Renewable. Sustainable. Plants love them.


Manure has long been a tried and true boost to plants of all kind. With our plants, you'll get all the benefits of the poo without any plastic pot waste!


If you've ever been around cows, you know that the manure used to make CowPots is renewed daily. For sustainability, other pot options just don't cut it. Peat is mined from bog eco-systems, coir is shipped half-way around the world and plastic is made from fossil fuels. Yuck!

At the CowPots farm, the cow's day job is dairy production. Grass-fed, GMO-free, methane capture: the entire practice earns high marks for ecological stewardship.


Plants adore CowPots which help them get off to a great start. Their roots wriggle out and get a nutrient kick from the composted manure.

pot sizes

Sized to transplant and take off!


We use two pot sizes: 4" regular, and  4" deep. But how big is 4 inches anyway? And how deep is deep? Check out the graphics below for easy reference.

CowPot Depth.png

4 x 4 x 4.5

4 x 4 x 3.75

lunch :-)

CowPot width.png

4 inches = width of a toilet paper roll

Ready to ship and get growing in your garden.

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