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Perennials For Butterflies, Bees and Birds!

Each garden borrows a little patch from nature to grow and thrive. It's only natural that we allow nature a place among the flowers too. That's why we offer perennials for pollinators - so your garden can: 

Monarch butterfly
Perennials for Hummingbirds - Crocosmia
Perennials for Bees - Allium Millenium
Perennials for Butterflies - Asclepias tuberosa

Why Choose Wit's End Gardens Perennials 

Besides having a great selection of gorgeous perennials for pollinators, Wit's End Gardens' plants have three distinct advantages:

Metal plant id marker

Free Metal Plant ID Marker


Printed with the botanical plant name, you'll love them!

Perennials for Butterflies - Delphinium
Perennials for songbirds - Echinacea
Perennials for bees - Sedum

For the love of wings

Wit's End Gardens specializes in perennials for pollinators. It's not a sales pitch, it's how we approach gardening altogether.


Pollinators are an important segment of the food web - not just "people food", but the entire ecosystem. And quite simply, watching them in the garden is a joy that's hard to match.

We walk our talk and are proud to be counted among the programs below. Read more about them all here.

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Certified Wildlife Habitat

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Monarch Waystation

Blank Park Zoo Plant Grow Fly Program

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Bee Friendly Farming

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