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To our valued customers and friends,

The time has come to wrap up the business and retire.

It is bittersweet since I’ve loved growing beautiful perennials for you, helping you bring more pollinators to your garden and sharing my love for playing in the dirt.

I also want to thank you for supporting our small garden business and for making your plot more pollinator friendly. I’ve been lucky to grow some rewarding friendships along the way and I truly appreciate you all.

At this point, online purchases and shipping has ended. Also, we won’t be at the Des Moines Farmers Market (*sniffle*). However, come April, we’ll have the greenhouse open to clear out the remaining inventory of plants.

The website is now just this landing page, so:
- For excellent plant information, visit
- For always amazing CowPots, click here
- For those cool metal plant tags, visit

As always, happy gardening!

Jana Erickson
Wit’s End Gardens

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